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Spread the news!

2009-04-28 12:22:17 by Drkgodz
Spread my blog so people can post their opinions on simulators they want next, and see previews of my current simulator.


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2010-02-10 11:40:21

Nice website and all....... but........ OMG WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REALESE SIN SIM?! I JUST CAN'T WAIT MAN!!!!!! O.O


2010-12-05 16:09:44

Hey, is down i think, it says 404 not found so what happened? its been like that for like 2 weeks and still says 404 not found and the date is december 05 2010 right now. Is it like that for you guys? I wanna check drkgodz updates but i think site is down, is it?