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Junior Balrog

2008-02-03 19:58:33 by Drkgodz

Yep, I'm back, with a new game! I have the map and character already made!!!
And even more, this is a side scroller!

Fight Junior Balrog in a bloody fight of good vs evil!

Jr balrog can walk around the map with AI
Map is perfectly done now
New health bar system(Just like MS!)

Adding Jr Balrog attacks


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2008-02-04 15:51:09

Cool, when might it be out and if it is Link?


2008-02-05 17:21:38

awesome man i tried out ur unfinished zakum game and its cool...and new game sounds good


2008-02-05 19:41:29

Awesome! If you want I could be your beta tester. If you have msn AIM: derekvu add me =]. Also ever thought about after the defeat of junior barlog a crimson barlog comes out? Or ginseng XD.

Drkgodz responds:

Go die.


2008-02-07 19:08:31

how big will it be??? bigger than zakum?


2008-02-07 22:52:27

lol deathgodxyz u should read wat drkgodz put he says quote "Don't even ask me if you can be my new beta tester, because of all y'all are retarded and care only about playing the game early, not about friendship."


2008-02-08 09:12:53

Good luck finishing it dark :D do it in how much time you want relese it in anytime you want i dont care only that you wont be angry :O XD


2008-02-09 09:19:45

Well I don't blame you.


2008-02-11 16:37:17

Awesome yo! Oh yeah, and for the people who always ask the following: "c@n 1 be a beta tester pl0x, and/or hurry up pl0x", seriously get a life and stop begging the dude;point taken.


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