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Zakum Simulator over 2000 Downloads!!

2008-02-15 18:09:59 by Drkgodz

Seeing that my Zakum simulator had over 2000 downloads, it has renewed my excitement.
All Balrog attacks are done
AI supports Balrog walking around and attacking me if I'm near him

Coming Soon:
Balrog following you around when you attack him(like in MS)
Being able to get hurt
Characer skills


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2008-02-15 22:25:38

thats awesome!!!!!!!


2008-02-16 01:04:28

thats nice. How u made it?


2008-02-16 02:32:04

can you teach meh how to download it >.< btw you rock i have a life and prolly you do to so take ur time


2008-02-16 02:34:31

my email is o_o pretty... obvious..... iuno just tell meh how to o.o i'll wait as long as i can but not like a year cause i get impatient sometimes


2008-03-21 00:10:21

how do i run the game?
it wont load


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