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Spread the news!

2009-04-28 12:22:17 by Drkgodz
Spread my blog so people can post their opinions on simulators they want next, and see previews of my current simulator.

New Blog! :D

2009-04-26 02:27:57 by Drkgodz
I am planning to post here frequently.

Site Relocated

2009-03-28 19:46:11 by Drkgodz

It is now at this address:
Change your bookmarks or whatever.

My old blog is back!

2008-02-16 13:24:45 by Drkgodz

Go to
This blog won't get posted on anymore.

Seeing that my Zakum simulator had over 2000 downloads, it has renewed my excitement.
All Balrog attacks are done
AI supports Balrog walking around and attacking me if I'm near him

Coming Soon:
Balrog following you around when you attack him(like in MS)
Being able to get hurt
Characer skills

Junior Balrog

2008-02-03 19:58:33 by Drkgodz

Yep, I'm back, with a new game! I have the map and character already made!!!
And even more, this is a side scroller!

Fight Junior Balrog in a bloody fight of good vs evil!

Jr balrog can walk around the map with AI
Map is perfectly done now
New health bar system(Just like MS!)

Adding Jr Balrog attacks

Bad news and good news...again

2008-01-29 19:45:53 by Drkgodz

Good news:
I am releasing the zakum game~! Link below

Bad news: I can't finish it becuase my source got erased. I got a virus on my computer that wiped away all my source code. I had to reinstall windows XP!

Link: akum.rar

New game hopefully

2008-01-05 21:44:27 by Drkgodz

I decided to stop working on zakum. I might release the source later on.
But I come with good news too. I am creating a new game, with hand drawn graphics. I do the actionscripting, while someone else does the graphics. I am still looking for people to draw for me.
The basic story is going to be this:
4 Friends find gems that give them power over a specific element. All of them fall prey to the greed of power and fight through each others elements to get all 4 gemstones.
You can choose from 4 characters and each one has a different ending.

Archer CPU is done

2007-11-11 12:55:29 by Drkgodz

The archer CPU is done, with 1 attack.
You might think that it's gay, but that one attack is like a machine gun.
It shoots from 10~20 arrows per attack, while the minimum attack per arrow being 5000 and the maximum being 7000.
Minimum total damage is 50,000. Max is 140,000.
To do list:
Make Zakum killable
Hopefully make a constant spawn of those little red thins that Zakum summons
Add poison attacks from Zakum
Add a pot shop
Add money

Due to the games massive size, it is probably going to be up only for download.

I closed my blog on blogspot

2007-10-28 12:11:28 by Drkgodz

I closed my blog because people on there made me rush and were starting to annoy me... It takes a while to make a good game, especially one as big as Zakum. I probably will finish Zakum, but not so soon.